Local Electricity Discount Scheme

To apply for the Local Electricity Discount Scheme, enter your Unique Reference Code in the box below. If you already receive LEDS and need to update your electricity supplier details, please go to the Update Supplier Details page.

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If you do not have a Unique Reference Code please contact us to see if you may qualify for LEDS.                                                                                             

Welcome to the RES
Local Electricity Discount Scheme website

Welcome to the Local Electricity Discount Scheme (LEDS) website. LEDS offers a direct benefit to people living or working close to certain participating operational wind farms in Great Britiain and Northern Ireland. The benefit takes the form of an annual discount on the electricity bills of those properties closest to a participating operational wind farm. 
Eligible properties can include private residences, local businesses and public buildings like schools, libraries and hospitals. Participation in the scheme is voluntary and is not linked to any particular supplier or tariff.

This online portal is also used to make applications to and administer Energia's Long Mountain Proximity Fund.