What is LEDS?

The Local Electricity Discount Scheme (LEDS) offers residential, commercial, public and community properties closest to certain participating operational wind farms in Great Britain and Northern Ireland an annual discount on their electricity bill. A list of the operating wind farms participating in LEDS can be found here.

I'm looking for information about Energia's Long Mountain Wind Farm Proximity Fund?

Energia has appointed RES to administer the Long Mountain Wind Farm Proximity Fund and you can use this website to apply online using your Unique Reference Code. If you have any questions about making an application, please contact us. If you have any questions about Energia’s Long Mountain Proximity Fund in general, please contact Michael Ringland on 028 9038 0613 or michael.ringland@energia.ie

How can I check if I can get the discount?

RES contacts qualifying properties for each participating operational wind farm directly, offering them the opportunity to apply to receive the LEDS discount. If you are unsure if your property qualifies please contact us.

Why is my property not eligible?

For participating operational wind farms, the qualifying area for LEDS is calculated by taking a straight line distance (the set distance) from each wind turbine and identifying all the properties located within this set distance. The set distance will vary from wind farm to wind farm - reflecting each project's location and size.

I think I may fall within a LEDS qualifying area but I have not received any information from RES - what should I do to join the discount scheme?

If you have not received a LEDS leaflet from RES but think that your property may qualify for LEDS please contact us.

What do I have to do to claim a LEDS payment?

If you are within the qualifying area for a participating operational wind farm, you will be issued with a Unique Reference Code. If you are interested in applying to join LEDS, you will need to complete an application form. If you don’t have a Unique Reference Code please contact us.

How will the LEDS discount payment be made?

If you are the occupier of a qualifying property, the discount will be paid directly to your electricity supplier and will be deducted from your electricity bill.

For standard meters, LEDS discount payments are made by bank transfer directly to a participant’s electricity supplier in line with the LEDS standard terms and conditions. No LEDS payments will be made as direct cash payments to participants. In the rare situation where an electricity supplier is unable to accept a bank transfer payment on your behalf by a third party, if you want to participate in LEDS, you would first need to switch to an electricity supplier who does accept the LEDS payment method.

Special arrangements will be made for any qualifying properties using electricity pre-payment meters to provide energy credit vouchers or top-ups (as applicable).

How long will I receive the LEDS discount for?

The duration of the LEDS payment is dependent on the the relevant participating operational wind farm and for as long as you occupy a qualifying property.

What happens if I move?

The LEDS discount applies to the qualifying property itself and is not personal to any particular individual or individuals, business, public authority or community group. If you move out of a qualifying property you will no longer be eligible to receive the LEDS discount. In this situation you would need to let RES know so that we can remove you from the relevant scheme. If you move into a new property that qualifies for the LEDS discount you would simply need to apply to join the relevant scheme in the usual way.

Does LEDS tie me to using one electricity supplier?

No. LEDS is not linked to any particular supplier or tariff. You simply need to let RES who your electricity supplier is at the relevant time.

What if I change electricity supplier?

If you change your electricity supplier at any point after your qualifying property has been accepted on to the LEDS scheme you must remember to update RES as soon as possible, so that when the next payment is due, RES can ensure that relevant LEDS discount payments are directed to your new electricity supplier.

You can update your electricity supplier details online by visiting the Update Supplier Details page and inserting your Unique Reference Code.

If you are not able to update your details online, please post a copy of your new supplier bill or contract to Community Benefits Administrator, Renewable Energy Systems Limited, Third Floor STV, Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1PQ.  Due to the current Covid-19 situation, please phone us first before posting details to the office (0141 404 5555).

My electricity supplier has not credited my LEDS payment to my standard meter electricity account?

In the first instance, you will need to contact your electricity supplier confirming that a third party (RES) has made a bank transfer payment to your electricity account. You will need to confirm the payment date and amount. If your electricity supplier is still unable to locate the LEDS discount payment, please contact us.

I pay my electricity via a pre-payment card, can I still receive the discount?

Yes. Special arrangements will be made for any qualifying properties using electricity pre-payment meters to provide energy credit vouchers or top-ups (as applicable).

What happens to a property that is within the LEDS catchment area but not on mains electricity?

Unfortunately, any qualifying properties that are not on mains electricity do not qualify to join LEDS.